Yaky Tobiak

  • Graduate student
  • University of Haifa

I'm an undergraduate student in the fields of Computer Science and Hebrew Lingustics at the university of Haifa. I worked on some research projects with Prof. Shuly Wintner, Prof. Yael Maschler and Dr. Noam Ordan. I currently work at Elbit Systems Ltd. as a software developer, and have been working there for the last 2.5 years. I intend to continue my studies in the field of Computational Linguistics as Master's Degree student. I've studied scriptwriting and creative writing for 3.5 years at various schools, and studied 3D animation for 1.5 years at the Israeli Animation College in TA. I had no idea what Galaga is up until this point, but am currently working on beating my highest score of 0.